5 efficient ways to advertise your free hosting services for free (and without using any social media)

As a free hosting provider, you budget is always tight. Even if you have a deep pocket, you may still try to find some free lunch.

5 efficient ways to advertise your free hosting services for free (and without using any social media)The good news is that there are many different ways to advertise your hosting services without spending a single cent. No, I am not talking about social media (twitter, facebook, Google +….), which is over-talked everyday.

Besides social media, you can still find some more efficient ways to get free advertisement. Here are the most 5 efficient ways.

1. Signature in a well-established forum.

This is an old tactic far earlier than social media. Most forums allow you a signature, where you can put a link for your service. This will not only increase the exposure of your service whenever you reply a topic or start a new thread, but also potentially increase your search engine ranking. It is unnecessary to post everyday; just post every week or every month will keep your link floating.

One important aspect of this approach is to find a popular forum, e.g., Digital Point forum, site point. What most people overlooks is some niche forums, e.g., parenting forums. Such forums usually provide better SEO values.

Please read the terms of each forum carefully. Some forums allow signature after a few posts; some forums allow up to 3 links.

2. Commenting on blog posts

This is an abused tactics by a lot of spammers. Luckily, now most blogs have quite efficient anti-spam plugins, so spammers are getting harder time now.

Commenting on a blog is similar to reply a topic in a forum. It is a kind of contribution to the blog. So, it is not strange most bloggers want you to comment, and want your input for the topic.

Most blogging system allows you to input a website linking to your name. This link usually can boost your search engine ranking and give decent traffic if you comments are relevant.

Remember, never use any automated systems/scripts. Your comments will most likely be ended in the trash bin. If you are really lucky, you can only shoot a few useless blogs.

So, read the blog and give relevant comments only. Why wait? comment on this post.

3. Blogging for your services

Create a free blog and post good things about your free hosting services. I know you probably already have a blog, but you need multiply it.

You can simply create a few new blogs in other providers’ domains. This adds incredible value to your service: search engine simply likes to see something similar in different locations.

You can just post once a week or twice a month. After a few months, you will find decent traffic from such blogs. It only needs patience and persistence.

4. Guest blogging

In addition to commenting on other’s blog, you can propose guest blogging to the blog owner if you can write something relevant to the blog. Of course, the gust post should add value to the original blog.

As an exchange, you usually can use a few links in the post, and some blogs allows a html bio, where you can introduce yourself in depth. Nowadays, a lot of big blogs highly depend on quality guest posts.

Surely, you need ask, unless you are so famous. Like salesman, you may get rejections, but don’t give up. If you can really write something valuable to a blog, the owner will eventually welcome you.

If you can write something relevant to free hosting and valuable to our readers, request guest posting now on this blog!

5. Post ads in some forums

Still, a few established forums has free advertisement section. For example, for free hosting providers, FreeWebSpace.net or other webmaster forums are good place for free advertisement, because the readers are usually looking for free services there.

Again, read the rules. Some forums allow one ad each week; some may allow more.

It is extremely important to respond to any inquiries in the thread promptly. So it is wise to subscribe to ad thread you started.

Anyway, these are the 5 efficient ways to advertise your services without spending you =r money. It may take time; but they work.

So, why wait? after reading this post, you can immediately do two things:

1. Comment this post

2. Ask for guest posting



  1. Hi Simon, nice summary of the different ways free hosts can advertise! I’ve just started making more posts on forums, and am hoping it will lead to more sign ups. As for blog commenting, I’ve done none of that…this is my first!


  2. Hello Simon..
    Thanks for the advice…Good Job…

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